LabelDirect for ZPL – licence transfers

Please note the following process will only for LabelDirect for ZPL (version 6)
For older versions of LabelDirect please click here.

Transferring your LabelDirect for ZPL licence from one PC to another is a two-step process.

The computer you are moving the licence from is Computer A
The computer you are moving the licence to is Computer B

On Computer A, open LabelDirect for ZPL and from the main menu select, ‘Licence’ then ‘Licence Transfer’
You will see the following dialog box:

Make sure to make a note of the Licence ID and Password as you will need these to license Computer B.

Click on ‘Continue with Deactivation’ and LabelDirect for ZPL will be deactivated on Computer A and
will revert to trial for 15 days.

On Computer B, download and install(if you haven’t already done so) trial of LabelDirect for ZPL from

Open LabelDirect for ZPL on Computer B and when prompted enter licence details taken from Computer A.